I would like to participate in WomEng programmes but there are no relevant events scheduled. How else can I participate?

Ways in which you can participate at WomEng include volunteering, participating as a speaker at our events, fundraising or hosting your own WomEng workshop. List these as areas of interest in your WomEng Hub Profile and we will keep you in mind when an opportunity strikes. For more info, you can email info@womeng.org

How do I subscribe to WomEng’s newsletter/mailing list?

Click here to subscribe.

Where can I find WomEng’s Terms & Conditions?

Click here to go to WomEng’s Terms & Conditions.

Are payments made of WomEng website safe & secure?

Yes. WomEng uses the PayPal payment system. For more information about PayPal, click here

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding application or booking for an event, training or opportunity?

You can email info@womeng.org



What is The Hub?

The Hub is the heart of WomEng, giving you the ability to connect with female Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students and practitioners from around the world. The Hub is a place to stay in contact with like-minded women in STEM, access WomEng resources, share experiences and collaborate virtually. Most of all, The Hub is a powerful tool to tap into the brain trust of women in engineering globally.

Why should I join The Hub??

The Hub offers a wide range of features for female Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students and practitioners from around the world to connect online. The Hub members also have the opportunity to pre-register for public events and training, as well as received discounts rates for all offerings from WomEng. For a detailed overview of The Hub features, click here.

Do I have to be from a specific country to join The Hub?

The Hub is open to all international users.

How do I join the Mentorship Hub?

Click here to join the Mentorship Hub.

Why is there a fee to join The Hub?

WomEng has implemented a subscription fees as a mechanism to ensure that those individuals who join The Hub, are serious and committed to the connecting with others. Should any individual require financial assistance to participate as on The Hub, you can email info@womeng.org to request a potential discount or fee waiver.

Do I have to join The Hub in order to attend WomEng events?

YNo, but The Hub members are offered discounted rates to WomEng offerings. Events, training and opportunities are also first made available to The Hub members before being advertised to the public.



How do I apply to be a Facilitator on The Hub?

WomEng invites like-minded leadership development specialists to join The Hub as facilitators. To apply to be a facilitator, email info@womeng.org