Our Impact

WomEng has successfully leveraged a bottom-up approach by attracting, developing and supporting the retention of women and girls in the engineering and tech industry. WomEng also utilizes a top down approach and works with some of the largest corporate companies and organisations around the world to support their diversity and inclusion strategies. WomEng has evolved from building scarce skills talent pipeline to supporting female entrepreneurs in the engineering and tech industry. We are working globally now to improve the access and quality of the engineering and tech skills pipeline while ensuring that women are not just beneficiaries but owners of the engineering industry. From our humble beginnings in South Africa, we have scaled to reach almost every continent though targeted programmatic interventions and key partnerships. We continue to grow and impact the lives of women and girls through engineering and tech around the world.

Our Beneficiaries

Include girls and women at all pivotal stages of development from the girl child to leading career women with diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Our Commitment

With women being such an integral focus both implicitly and explicitly, we could infer that gender equality will be the decisive factor in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), together with the role that STEM and STEM professionals will play around infrastructure, climate and poverty reduction. Combining STEM and gender will create the win-win combination to achieve the majority of the SDGs.