The Hub Features

The Hub is an online platform promoting effective and impactful connections. The Hub places strong emphasis on the importance of building and developing communities of leaders. The Hub provides an easy, accessible and private platform where established and emerging leaders can connect, build and foster relationships focused on continuous self-development, growth and excellence.

The Hub features the following:

Search and Connect

  • Search for peers with common interests.
  • Search for topics of interest (forums, articles, resources).
  • Connect with peers in your country and industry.
  • Re-connect with peers from previous events attended.

On-line Mentoring Sessions

  • Set-up mentoring meetings with your Mentor/Mentee through The Hub.
  • Meet your Mentor/Mentee online for mentoring sessions.
  • Set-up and share meeting dates, goal milestones and deadlines with your Mentor/Mentee.
  • Mentors and mentees can communicate directly via chat, group messaging and video hangout sessions.
  • Mentors and mentees can access, share and save resources through The Hub.

Workshops and Training

  • Opportunity to attend a range of developmental workshops and training online, available exclusively to The Hub members
  • Opportunity to attend partner hosted workshops and training online, available exclusively to The Hub members

Group Participation

  • Set-up group meetings.
  • Attend virtual training sessions.
  • Host and/or attend live e-mentoring sessions.
  • Participate in real-time forum discussions hosted by subject matter experts and facilitators.

Access Resources and Tools

  • Members will be able to access Mentoring tools such as Mentoring Contracts, Goal Setting Worksheets and Leadership Development workbooks online.
  • Members will have access to WomEng Circles resources focused on developing confident engineering leaders at tertiary institutes
  • Facilitators will have access to workshop planning toolkits
  • Members will be able to complete online assessments


  • Discounted rates for WomEng and partner events.
  • Pre-registration for public events before they go live on the sales site.
  • One-click registration/application for events and opportunities.
  • See who else is attending live events.
  • Tracking your history of WomEng events attended.
  • Save and tag your photos from events attended.


  • Save your Favorite members, conversations and group discussions for quick access.
  • Save your Favorite events, resources, photos and videos.
  • Build up your history from events and training attended.