What we do

Attract, develop and retain the pipeline of women engineering leaders globally through a series of robust programming & interventions at every stage of the pipeline. We build capacity for organisations and institutions on STEM interventions, advocate and lobby private sector and government on the importance of STEM skills globally.

  • Launchpad

    LaunchPad introduces the girl child to the world of STEM and aims to break stereotypes about the industry that have been embedded at an early age. LaunchPad provides the foundation for WomEng's #1MillionGirlsInSTEM campaign which aims to create STEM awareness globally. WomEng has developed an open-source toolkit which enables passionate ambassadors globally to run these workshops in their local geographies.


    GirlEng increases awareness and makes STEM fun, engaging and relatable to secondary school girls. The GirlEng mission is to attract and mentor girls into STEM related fields with a focus on engineering & technology. This is done through gamification, coding and building projects translating maths and science into everyday challenges. At the end of 2017, WomEng will have worked with approximately 20 000 girls globally. Our first cohort of GirlEng,ers graduatedas engineers in 2014 in South Africa.


    Circles, in partnership with Lean-In, provides a supportive community for university students. Circles are self-driven initiatives by engineering students on campus who meet regularly to learn and grow together. WomEng provides discussion guidelines and educational resources to the circles. The result is confident engineering leaders who are better prepared for the workplace and are supporting each other to stem the drop-out rate for engineering.


    Fellowship is our flagship programme. Designed as a hackathon, our Fellowship runs as an annual technical innovation entrepreneurial challenge and employability programme. The best and brightest female engineering students are brought together to find solutions to global challenges and to develop and prepare for industry. Currently, Fellowship is run in South Africa and Kenya. Our vision is to develop a Pan-African Fellowship, fostering skills across Africa. Scaled iterationsof the Fellowship leadership challenge are run in a number of countries including Colombia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Indonesia and Malawi.


    @Network is our latest evolution. Originally, @network was designed as networking evenings for both male and female engineers to engage in pertinent topics affecting the engineering industry. In addition to this, we have now gone digital. @Network believes in the power of human connections for career development. Current services include a closed Facebook group and mentoring opportunities for young engineering graduates. This will all scale up onto a new online market place for engineers launching in 2018.